[KS] Is there a good up-to-date introductory book on the South Korean economy?

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I have a sense of déjà vu here. Did I post earlier on this topic?
If so, pray forgive senile amnesia. I don't think anyone  replied.....
Dear friends and colleagues,
Is there a good up-to-date introductory book on 
the South Korean economy? I don't know  any,
though this may just reflect my ignorance.
When it comes to politics and society, we have 
quite a choice of basic texts. Not so re the  economy,
apparently. This seems a strange lacuna - and a 
gap in the market, for anyone minded to write
(or translate, if there is good stuff in Korean
that is sufficiently approachable for foreign  readers).
When I used to teach, there was Byung-Nak Song's
Rise of the Korean Economy (OUP). But I don't  think
this has been updated in a new edition since  2003,
nor am I sure if it's even in print currently.
More recently OUP has published Young-Iob Chung's
South Korea in the Fast Lane (2007). But this focuses  on 
capital formation, and may be too hard for  beginners. 

There are of course more specialized works,  including
on the 1997-98 crisis. At a popular level, Mark Clifford's 
Troubled Tiger did a good job - but is well  over a decade old.
Even at the monograph level, my sense is that we  were
better served back in the 1980s with those serried  ranks
of big blue books in Harvard's pioneering series on the  
Economic and Social Modernization of the Republic of  Korea.
Where are their like  today?

You many on these  lists who teach: What do you use?

Best  wishes

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