[KS] The Importance of Capacity-Building for Opening North Korea

Bernhard Seliger bjseliger at yahoo.de
Thu May 26 08:12:04 EDT 2011

Dear list members, 

please find below the invitation to a conference tomorrow at Seoul National 

Invitation to the conference "The Importance of Capacity-Building for Opening 
North Korea"
A joint conference by HSS Korea and IPUS/ SNU to discuss the efforts of 
capacity-building for North Korea up to date and the effects of 
capacity-building on the North Korean economy and society, including the 
potential impact on Korean unification. Capacity-development has been increasing 
in importance for the projects carried out in North Korea, which moved away from 
pure humanitarian projects, but at the same time hampered by internal factors 
(the nature of the North Korean regime) as well as external factors (the 
security crises leading to a very restricted and limited approach to projects in 
North Korea by donor countries). This conference explores the possibilities of 
capacity-building and capacity-development in various societal sectors and their 
possible impact on change in the North Korean society. 

In terms of academic outcome, the conference should summarize efforts of 
capacity-building (or, capacity-development) and evaluate their impact on 
society and economy. 

In terms of policy outcomes, the conference should offer, in particular through 
a roundtable discussion, advice on capacity-building policy measures to be taken 
by the South Korean state, international actors and actors in businesses and 

Date               May 27, 2011
Venue            Byungoh Choi Hall of College of Life Science, SNU, basement 
floor of 222 Dong, Seoul National University
09.00-09.15     Registration
09.15- 09.20   Opening ceremony
                        Opening remarks of Prof. Park Myoung-Kyu (Director IPUS) 

09.20-09.50     Keynote speechI“Experiences as an actor in German unification 
and the                    importance of capacity-building”
Minister a.D. Wolfgang Bötsch, CSU (former leader of CSU faction in German 
Parliament and Minister of Telecommunication) 

09.50 –10.00  Photo session   
10:00-10:30     Keynote speechII, President Kim Chinkyung, PUST
10:30-10:45     Coffee break
10:45-12:15    Capacity-building in North Korea – An academic perspective and 
the NGO experience 

Moderator: Bernhard Seliger
Prof. Park Sung-Jo 
Andray Abrahamian, Ulsan University/ Choson Exchange
                        Armin Herdegen, DAAD Pyongyang 
Discussant:        Hur Young-Joon, SNU
12:10 – 12:50   RoundtableDiscussions
12:50-13:00   Closing session
Closing remarks 
13:00-14:000   Lunch

Dr. Bernhard Seliger
Hanns Seidel Stiftung - Seoul Office
Room 501, Soo Young Bldg., 64-1, Hannam 1 Dong, Yongsan-gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel.+ 82 2 790 5344
Fax. + 82 2 790 5346
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