[KS] historicizing "han"

Christian Lewarth letemps24 at yahoo.de
Fri Aug 31 15:19:44 EDT 2012

Dear Mr. Michael Hurt,
May I add to Kim's, McCann's and Dr. Killick's reply
the essay of James K. Freda (1999), "Discourse on Han in Postcolonial Korea ..."
at http://english.chass.ncsu.edu/jouvert/v3i12/freda.htm,
which deals with the topic of historicizing "han" and gives also some references.

With best wishes,
Christian Lewarth

On Aug 18, 2012, at 6:34 PM, "Michael Hurt" wrote:

> I once came across a reference to a source dealing with the literary
> or historical construction of the Korean concept of HAN. Can anyone
> provide a link to the source I might have come across? I've long since
> forgotten where I saw this...
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