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Jan Creutzenberg jan.creutzenberg at fu-berlin.de
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Dear Adina,

as you know, a list of Korean journal papers on 창작판소리 is  
available on my blog (https://seoulstages.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/ 
korean-literature-on-created-pansori-창작판소리/), most of which  
can be downloaded for free from the homepage of the respective  
organisation—this works e.g. for all papers from the  
aforementioned 판소리연구 (at www.pansori.or.kr). You can also  
look up English-language abstracts at riss.kr if the authors provided  

Also, a recent paper by Heather Willoughby I just stumbled upon might  
be especially interesting for you, as it deals with performances of  
concrete pieces: "Melding Past and Present: Korean Identities in  
Contemporary P’ansori Performances", 음악학 18호 (2010), pp.  
187-220. The paper is based on a presentation held at the 3rd World  
Congress of Korean Studies in 2006 which can be downloaded here:  

The respective pieces can be found on the web: 류수곤's World Cup- 
p'ansori at http://jcmp.com/home/bbs/board.php? 
bo_table=vod4_gallery&wr_id=15; 박지영's Candy-song at http:// 

Best, Jan


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> Dear koreanists,
> I am making researches for my master thesis about the modern forms  
> of P´ansori: "Ch´angjak" (창작) but its so hard to find any  
> literature. Hae-kyung Um seems to be the only one who ever wrote  
> something about it.
> Does anyone has some other literature recommendations or video  
> clips of those performances?
> Thanks,
> Adina Cho

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