[KS] 創氏改名 (sōshi-kaimei) — LIST or LEXICON, people active in culture

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Hello All:

A brief postscript to the request (quoted below) I had about Japanese 
names for Koreans in the cultural area at the end of the colonial 
period. I looked further for such a list and the best I could find is 
the 131 pages strong name index for the three-volume 2009 lexica of 
pro-Japanese Korean (_친일인명사전_): 
http://www.minjok.or.kr/kimson/home/minjok/ . That index lists almost 
5000 people, and you can easily find it as PDF (Title: _친일인명사전 수
록대상자 명단_, pre-published in 2008). The adapted Japanese names of 
roughly one third of people included here are listed, but unfortunately 
it is almost completely useless when it comes to artists, as there are 
very few entries. 
If anyone knows of a better list, please let me know. Thank you.

To download above mentioned list, search Google for:
     download 친일인명사전 수록대상자 명단
and for me it comes up as the 2nd link: 
     [PDF] 민족문제연구소
(The actual link is so amazingly long that it will be broken if I post 
it here.)


On Sat, 30 Jun 2012 07:19:48 -0700, Frank Hoffmann wrote:
> Dear All:
> Does anyone know of some sort of 創氏改名 (sōshi-kaimei, kor. 
> ch'angssi-kaemyŏng) LIST or a LEXICON that lists Koreans active in the 
> cultural field (esp. arts) of the 1939/40-1945 period, a list that 
> could also be searched by Japanese names (in order to find the Korean 
> names)? That's something I should probably know already, but I do not. 
> There are plenty of good publications of the topic of sōshi-kaimei and 
> tons of finger-pointing books in that ch'in-il (pro-Japanese) field. 
> Has maybe any of these publications you know an *extensive* list? Or 
> are there other ways you can think of looking up names (*if* one only 
> has the Japanese names … even online), e.g. some source or library 
> catalogs? 
> Thanks a lot!
> Frank
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Frank Hoffmann

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