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Dera all,
in fact, the nation branding campaign bears strong resemblances of the developmental state strategy. One of my MA students (Ms. Alena Schmuck) has written a thesis on that; it was actually mentioned on this list in late September of this year. You find it here: 
Alena Schmuck: ‘Nation Branding in South Korea: A Modern Continuation of the Developmental State?’ In the Korea Yearbook: Korea 2011 ? Politics, Economy and Society Published by Brill.
Rudiger Frank 
(he is a friend of mine, but as there was some confusion in the past: please note that I am not Frank Hoffmann) ;-)

on Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012 at 22:35 you wrote:

> ... -that neoliberalism in Korea is in fact not really neoliberalism but
> rather the old developmental state that Park once created, dressed up 
> in a neoliberal costume.  ... 
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