[KS] Photo -- 1932, who is this?

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Dear Frank,

Could he be An Hosang? He was in Germany before 1936 (late 1920s-early
1930s) and probably wore those glasses. For some reason, I thought the man
looked like P'i Chon-duk or Yi Ch'an.



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> Dear All:
> Anyone here might know who this is on the photo? It was taken in
> Frankfurt am Main, late spring or summer 1932.
> A few years ago I thought I identified the man as the composer of the
> Korean national anthem, An Ik-t'ae. That was after seeing this other
> small photo (An standing in a train window). However, I just consulted
> with a specialist of An Ik-t'ae who has seen many photos of him from
> the 1930s, because the timing is a problem. An was not in Europe before
> June 1936. That has now been confirmed.
> We know the man is a Korean. But who?
> Best,
> Frank
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