[KS] Photo -- 1932, who is this?

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Sun Dec 8 08:23:48 EST 2013

> Could he be An Hosang? He was in Germany before 1936 (late 
> 1920s-early 1930s) and probably wore those glasses. For some reason, 
> I thought the man looked like P'i Chon-duk or Yi Ch'an. 

Hi Su-kyoung:

No, it is neither An Hosang nor Pippi Longstocking.
피천득 -- I had to look that name up. He was born 1910 -- the man on 
the photo does certainly look older than 22 years of age.
이찬 -- you mean the poet? He was also born in 1910.

The person's appearance does not match any of the about 40 or so people 
that studied at the time in Germany and that I have (mostly low 
quality) photos of. But the circumstances of how and by whom the photo 
was taken indicates to me that the person in the picture must be 
"important" in one way or another. There were a couple of nationalist 
leaders, communist leaders, and industrialists such as Kim Sŏng-su at 
the time visiting Germany (and Europe), just that so far I could find a 
"matching" face. ... To me he really looks like An Ik-t'ae (when 
compared to that photo of him in the train), just that it can't be for 

Thank you!

Frank Hoffmann

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