[KS] Journal of Korean Studies CFP 2015 "Korean Culture, New Media, Digital Humanities"

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The Journal of Korean Studies special issue 2015 CALL FOR PAPERS
"Korean Culture, New Media, Digital Humanities"
Thematic issue of The Journal of Korean Studies, Volume 20 No. 2 (Fall 2015)

What are the relations between print-based Korean cultural production
and new media? How did old media that were once considered
new--radio, film, and television for example--interact with
each other and with older print-based forms in colonial and/or
postcolonial Korea? In what ways do contemporary new media shape
current forms of experimental and/or popular literary, filmic, and
artistic practices in an increasingly globalized context? How will
research methodologies associated with the digital humanities change
the way we approach scholarly work on Korea?

The 2015 thematic issue of The Journal of Korean Studies invites
papers that take an interdisciplinary approach in exploring the
significance of new media and digital humanities to studies of Korean
literature, film, visual culture, and history. We welcome papers that
focus on the use of new media and technologies (for example, digital
reading, computer-generated imagery, installation or performance art
that negotiates real and virtual worlds), as well as papers dealing
with any period (premodern/modern) that both comment upon use of
digital humanities-related research methods and employ them in the
paper itself. We encourage manuscripts on Korean cultural production
that take into consideration in some way one or more of the following:
the history of media in Korea; the relations among different media in
the twentieth century; interactions between  changing technologies and
questionings of the "human"; the digital turn that informs the
contemporary scene.

Those whose papers are selected for the special issue will be invited
to present their work-in-progress for discussion at a workshop
sponsored by the Center for Korean Research, Columbia University, to
be held in Fall 2014. This special issue of The Journal of Korean
Studies will be guest edited by Theodore Hughes. For further
information, please contact Theodore Hughes at th2150 at columbia.edu.

Articles appearing in the JKS are abstracted and indexed in the Social
Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), Sociological Abstracts, Social
Services Abstracts, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, PAIS
International, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts,
Bibliography of Asian Studies, Historical Abstracts, and America:
History and Life.

JKS is a peer-reviewed journal and all papers will be vetted by two
outside readers.

Please submit your manuscript by July 31, 2014 to Tracy Stober, JKS
Managing Editor, at jourks at u.washington.edu and to Theodore Hughes at
th2150 at columbia.edu.


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