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Following up on NKNews' generous offer to allow free access to their website for one month, I would like to remind Koreanstudies.com members that my article on Do Sang-rok, the father of North Korea's nuclear weapons program, is available on NKnews.org at the following URL: http://www.nknews.org/2013/05/do-sang-rok-the-father-of-north-koreas-nuclear-weapon-program/

Bill Streifer


Today's Topics:

   1. North Korea at British Library (Michael Rank)

As they say, user feedback is welcomed....


North Korea in the news

With recent events bringing North Korea increasingly into the news, the British Library is looking at ways to improve access to reliable information about the country for its users.  To this end a free trial of the NK News (North Korea News) website has been organised to collect feedback from potential users.  From 13th January to 12th February 2014 users onsite in British Library reading rooms will be able to access the site from BL computer terminals. User feedback is welcomed and will be used to determine the business case for taking out a subscription to the site....

Michael Rank
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