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Special issue: "The Globalization of K-pop: Local and Transnational
Articulations of South Korean Popular Music"
Guest edited by John Lie (UC Berkeley)

Co-editors' Note to


*Introduction to "The Globalization of K-pop”
Lie (UC Berkeley)

Why Didn’t “Gangnam Style” Go Viral in Japan?: Gender Divide and
Subcultural Heterogeneity in Contemporary
John Lie (UC Berkeley)

Hallyu across the Desert: K-pop Fandom in Israel and
Nissim Otmazgin and Irina Lyan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

K-pop Reception and Participatory Fan Culture in
Sang-Yeon Sung (University of Vienna)

K-pop in Korea: How the Pop Music Industry is Changing a Post-Developmental
Society <https://cross-currents.berkeley.edu/e-journal/issue-9/oh-and-lee>
Ingyu Oh (Korea University) and Hyo-Jung Lee (Yonsei University)

*Review Essays, Notes & Bibliographies *

Law as a Contested Terrain under
Ching Kwan Lee (UC Los Angeles)

Rachel Stern. *Environmental Litigation in China: A Study in Political
Ambivalence. *Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. 310 pp. $99

Waikeung Tam. *Legal Mobilization under Authoritarianism: The Case of
Post-Colonial Hong Kong. *Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012. 234
pp. $95 (cloth).

Historicizing Queer Stories from
Petrus Liu (Yale-NUS College)

Lucetta Yip Lo Kam. *Shanghai Lalas: Female Tongzhi Communities and
Politics in Urban China.* Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2012. 152
pp. $45 (cloth), $25 (paper).

J. Keith Vincent. *Two-Timing Modernity: Homosocial Narrative in Modern
Japanese Fiction. *Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2012. 248 pp.
$40 (cloth).

Coming to Terms with War: Traumas, Identities, and the Power of
R. Keith Schoppa (Loyola University Maryland)

Tobie Meyer-Fong. *What Remains: Coming to Terms with Civil War in 19th
Century China. *Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2013. 336 pp. $40

Aaron William Moore. *Writing War: Soldiers Record the Japanese
Empire.* Cambridge,
MA: Harvard University Press, 2013. 388 pp. $45 (cloth/ebook).

*Photo Essay*
 Dance of Anguish: Poetic Texts from 1920s
Curator: Wayne de Fremery

Printshops, Pressmen, and the Poetic Page in Colonial Korea
 <https://cross-currents.berkeley.edu/e-journal/issue-9/defremery>Wayne de
Fremery (Sogang University)

*Readings from Asia*

The Microhistory of Anti-Japanese Speech Acts
Andre Schmid (University of Toronto)

Jung Byung Wook, *Puron yŏlchŏn: Mich’in saenggaggi paetsok esŏ naonda* [The
biographies of rebellious people in colonial Korea]. Seoul: Yŏksabipyŏngsa,
2013. ISBN*:* 9788976965431.

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