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Dear Aiden:

There is tremendous competition among SK universities to draw students into their summer schools.  They run them for a mixture of issues….prestige, money, etc.  The students attracted to these summer schools vary in their abilities and motivations.  The older established summer programs at Yonsei, Kodae, SNU, Ewha are, I think better able to draw the more serious students.  Many of the others are plagued with kids over from North America for a summer fling, sent to have experience living with SK based relatives, etc.  I think that now that English is so stressed within Korea, many Korean students want to attend to practice their English.   Chonbuk wants to be part of the action, I don’t know how long they’ve had this up and running.  But a three week program doesn’t sound very serious to me.  Of course it is an opportunity for the instructor as well to get some time in Korea and teach.  And Chonju is an interesting city.

Mike R.

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I've only heard good things about KoDae and yonDae. Cheers,

John Sager

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Dear friends and colleagues,

The invitation below has just been sent to me.
I imagine others will have received it also.
The breezy directness is quite refreshing, in its way.

One is tempted to apply. But are there hidden pitfalls?
Can anyone comment from experience?

As I understand, there are now quite a number of
summer schools of this kind held in South Korea.
Is there a central register of them? Could colleagues kindly
advise on the pros and cons of particular programmes?

All advice gratefully received, whether to the List or directly.

Happy Seollal to one and all,

Aidan FC

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Subject: Final Call for Proposals ISS 2014
Subject: Final Call for Course Proposals, ISS 2014 (Please spread this information to relevant colleagues)
To whom it may concern,
Greetings from Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea. My name is Prof. Kwang Ho Chun, Deputy Vice-President for International Affairs, Chonbuk National University.

I would like to show my sincere gratitude for your application. I am very happy that we have a lot of applications for opening courses for ISS 2014. We already have more than 40 courses applied and I decided to extend it to 60 courses.
Chonbuk National University's International Summer School (ISS) programme invites international students and professors to learn and teach a variety of intensive courses. Over the last few years this programme has continued to gain reputability and as such, we are preparing for a huge expansion in 2014.

The International Summer School 2014 will run from Monday 30th June to Friday 18th July lasting a total of 3 weeks. Over this period students will be provided with 45 hours of teaching (3 hours per weekday) and 3 credits per course.
For this year’s International Summer School, we looked to invite more professors to teach courses relating to Korean studies, East Asian studies, and other regional studies of which professors have expertise. However, since we have many courses applied in the field of regional studies and history, we strongly encourage our lfinal call for course specific experts to apply. Since we have a lot of inquiries for course choice, I apologize that I cannot reply to each one o f you. Also, please make your course title fancy and apply only 1 course. Since many of you are asking multiple choices, but we cannot decide ourself which will fit better.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your colleagues to teach at ISS 2014. We are particularly encouraging young researchers and teachers to join ISS 2014 with their own courses to build-up their teaching careers. All professors and lecturers running courses in 2014 will be provided with $3,000 USD of teaching compensation, economy class round trip airfare and accommodation during their stay at CBNU.
It is our recommendation that courses are kept to be at a moderate level to make them as accessible as possible in order that we are able to introduce the most students to the above fields of study. Each course should have generated enough interest that a minimum of 10 students are enrolled by 19th May, 2014, however if this is not the case we will need to discuss further the feasibility of its running. As soon as the number of students exceeds 10, I will send you a confirmation letter.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply your intentions to teach in ISS 2014 by 7th February, 2014. If you would like to teach at ISS 2014, please send me the course title, and a syllabus by the same day. This is our last call for proposals in ISS 2014.

One last thing, I will introduce the website as soon as the application starts, and I would like you to spread the words to your students. If there are students register for ISS 2014 with professors whose teaching at ISS 2014, we would like to waive the tuition fee. Literally, you can open your own course in our campus with your students.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Kwang Ho Chun
Deputy Vice-President for International Affairs
Chonbuk National University
Republic of Korea

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