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Hi, Hyung Il --

US Naval Attache George Foulk was probably there at that time.  He took
over as the US representative to Korea when Lucius Foote resigned in a huff.

Good luck on your research.



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On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 12:51 PM, Hyung Pai <hyungpai at eastasian.ucsb.edu>

> Dear Koreanists,
> I am working on a paper on Percival Lowell and his travel photographs, In
> his widely read travelogue ( Land of the Morning Calm during the Winter of
> 1882-83, he brags that he was amongst 9 Westerners residing in Seoul at the
> time
> He mentions Lucius Foote, and Von Moellendorf ( not including his Japanese
> wife and two kids),
> Is this true? Who would the 7 others be? Can we confirm who they are. This
> time period early 1880s in Korean history is a new area for me .
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