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Horace Allen in *Korea: Fact and Fancy* recounts that Moellendorf brought
with him: “Messrs. Haas (Assistant), A. B. Stripling, T. W. Wright, W. N.
Lovatt, (Commissioners of Customs) Laporte, Mackbet ( ?) , Moersell,
Schultz, Arnous, Sabatin, Bekofsky, Borioni, Woolitang, S. Y. Tong, Woo,
Chow, Liang, Welch, Glanfield, Rosenbaum, Ladage, Knott, Duncan, Crawford,
Krebbs, Nakabayashi, Laucht, Kniffier and others.” (p 162).

Some of these (like Lovatt and Stripling) were sent to various treaty ports
to run the customs service there (see Wayne Patterson’s *In the Service of
His Korean Majesty. William Nelson Lovatt, the Pusan Customs, and
Sino-Korean Relations, 1876-1888* for more on Lovatt). However, others
probably stayed in Seoul.

I've always wondered whether or if there was any connection between
Lowell's time in Korea and his advocacy of the idea of civilizations on
Mars (as demonstrated by supposed canals observed on Mars' surface). Can't
wait for Hyung Il to set us straight on this!


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