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Since Kirk mentioned Paul Georg von Möllendorff and the Westerners he 
brought to Korea:
Alexander Kneider (not sure if he is on the KS List), who a few years 
ago published a wonderful, very detailed book on Germans in late 19th 
century Korea, lists these people:

- several Germans for the Korea Maritime Customs Service
- the German geologist Carl Gottsche (in 1883-84 -- for 8 months in 
- in 1884/85: the German American Joseph Rosenbaum (for a planned glass 
production company); August Maertens (project for rearing of 
silkworms); Louis Kniffler (for a tobacco company); a farmer of the 
name Helm for the establishment of a manor or large farm with 
agricultural production following the Prussian model)
- for the creation a new, modern mint (to manufacure Koren coins) he 
also brought in 1894 three German engineers: Friedrich Kraus, Claus 
Dietrich, and C. Riedt

You will find the above information in the paragraph of Kneider's 
article that begins with "Zur Verwirklichung seiner" at:



Frank Hoffmann

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