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Dear all,I have made a chronology (in Korean) of earliest Protestant missionaries' visiting and arrival dates (1883-1885) for someone else.It is not directly related to the current debate, yet I think it will be a help. See the attachment.Sung-Deuk Oak

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I have to disagree to some degree with Prof. Hoffman.  With the exception of Gottsche, none of those Germans were here in Korea at the same time as Lowell.  
As to Allen's list of Corean Maritime Customs - it is incomplete (as he notes) and some of the names were even wrong.  Unfortunately, many subsequent publications copied his list and the errors continued to be replicated.  Prof. Wayne Patterson can attest to some of this.
I  think that the Lowell project is very important for a number of reasons.  As Prof. Baker noted there are a couple of archives with photographs and I am putting together a book based on these and other early photographs.  There were quite a few Westerners in Seoul - and all of them with very interesting histories and backgrounds that I hope to include.
I think that as time goes by the ideas that we have of the Western communities in Seoul, Fusan, Masan, Wonsan (Gensan) and Chemulpo will have to change.  There was a lot going on in Korea - with a lot of small business ventures - that never made it into the books published by Allen, Sands, Underwood, Gale or the other missionaries.
Robert Neff
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Since Kirk mentioned Paul Georg von Möllendorff and the Westerners he

brought to Korea:

Alexander Kneider (not sure if he is on the KS List), who a few years

ago published a wonderful, very detailed book on Germans in late 19th

century Korea, lists these people:

- several Germans for the Korea Maritime Customs Service

- the German geologist Carl Gottsche (in 1883-84 -- for 8 months in


- in 1884/85: the German American Joseph Rosenbaum (for a planned glass

production company); August Maertens (project for rearing of

silkworms); Louis Kniffler (for a tobacco company); a farmer of the

name Helm for the establishment of a manor or large farm with

agricultural production following the Prussian model)

- for the creation a new, modern mint (to manufacure Koren coins) he

also brought in 1894 three German engineers: Friedrich Kraus, Claus

Dietrich, and C. Riedt

You will find the above information in the paragraph of Kneider's

article that begins with "Zur Verwirklichung seiner" at:





Frank Hoffmann


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