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Computer still says no to Percival Lowell but likes Griffis:


Q u o t e  from above 1966 article:
He [Griffis] sometimes found himself on opposite sides of a 
controversy, particularly with regards to Japan's administration of 
Korea after annexation in 1910.[FOOTNOTE]

  [FOOTNOTE] For example, at first dedicated to the side of the 
Japanese (...) the outraged Griffis vigorously (and ***anonymously***) 
denounced Japan; Ardath W. Burks & Jerome Cooperman, "Dr. William 
Elliot Griffis (1843-1928) and 'The Hermit Nation,'" _The Journal of 
Asiatic Studies_ (Seoul, Korea) III (June, 1960), 177.

The reference given is to this article:
--> (亞細亞硏究, Vol.3 No.1 (1960): 169-177)

And there is a book by James L. Huffman, _A Yankee in Meiji Japan_ 
(2003) where the author talks about Griffis' ANONYMOUS articles in a 
newspapers in 1888, criticizing Japan's death trials, beheadings, etc. 
-- and when being asked directly he declined to be the writer. But a 
few weeks later it was revealed that he had in fact been the author of 
these articles. See pp. 207-209 of that book.

A walk from Anonymous to Alias Ave is a short one. Or, in Griffis' own 
words: "Besides these, various aliases, nicknames, fanciful and punning 
appellatives, play their part, to the pleasure or vexation of their 
object." (_Corea, the Hermit Nation_)

Frank Hoffmann

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