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While we're on the topic of Percival Lowell... here is a wonderful photo 
of him taken by Asa M. Mattice, an officer on the USS /Juniata/, which 
toured East Asia in 

This image is part of a remarkable collection of glass negatives owned 
by U.S. photographer John Dowling, who curated this /Cross-Currents/ 
photo essay about the voyage of the /Juniata./ Read Dowling's curator's 
statement here 

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On 4/10/15 3:20 PM, Hyung Pai wrote:
> Thank you all for a lively inter-exchange. It is gratifying to know 
> that other scholars have insights and information on this era of the 
> dawn of American Korean studies
> I sometimes feel I am the only crazy one here,  out in California.
> These anecdotes are still helpful to fill in the blanks. So, Lowell 
> was exaggerating after all of his singular status which has already 
> been pointed out earlier.
> There is in fact a candid photo of Lowell in which he photographed the 
> English teacher at the foreign school ( he was the one with the 
> Japanese wife and two Eurasian kids) and multi-ethnic servants 
> household .
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> On Apr 9, 2015, at 7:57 AM, Wayne Patterson <wayne.patterson at snc.edu 
> <mailto:wayne.patterson at snc.edu>> wrote:
>> Dear Koreanists --
>> Since William Elliot Griffis' name has surfaced in this discussion, 
>> here's a piece of trivia that falls into the category of interesting 
>> but useless information:  There are two graduates of Central High 
>> School in Philadelphia, both of the Class of '64, who have written on 
>> Korean history - William Elliot Griffis and Wayne Patterson.  
>> (Thought I'd put in a plug for my high school - WP)
>> Dr. Wayne Patterson
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>> On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 11:06 PM, Frank Hoffmann 
>> <hoffmann at koreanstudies.com <mailto:hoffmann at koreanstudies.com>> wrote:
>>     Robert Provine wrote:
>>     > Griffis is an interesting candidate for being Haddo - looks at a
>>     > glance as though he was in the USA at the same time as Sô Kwangbôm,
>>     > whom he had met in 1883 in New York, and could have been in touch
>>     > with him in the 1890s when Sô was in the USA.
>>     Yes, Griffis had met with Sŏ and other delegates of the first Korean
>>     mission to the U.S. on 27 November 1883 at the Victoria Hotel in New
>>     York (see below source). Griffis has seemingly writen a lot of books
>>     and articlen on Korea. One big book already came out in 1882 and was
>>     based mostly on Japanese sources. I was not aware of these *many*
>>     publications until now -- quite an amazing writer and hard-working
>>     researcher.
>>     Frank
>>     Mention of his meeting with the Korean delegation in New York:
>>     William Elliot Griffis, _Corea, without and within: Chapters on
>>     Corean
>>     History, Manners and Religion. With Hendrick Hamel's Narrative of
>>     Captivity and Travels in Corea, Annotated_, Philadelphia:
>>     Presbyterian
>>     Board of Publication, 1885, p. 216.
>>     --------------------------------------
>>     Frank Hoffmann
>>     http://koreanstudies.com <http://koreanstudies.com/>

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