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Dear Frank
 Lowell has a detailed descriptions in his book Choson -chapter 31 on hats - about 20 pages with handrawn sketches addressing the exact question that Frank has raised such as types of hats associated with class, occupation and use. It is probably the most detailed description and classifications of Korean hats I have ever read for this early period-he probably had recognized them and compared them to others in museum collections before. 
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> Thanks for posting!
> THIS is completely off-track (my apologies), but I am mostly interested 
> in and surprised to see this *complete* transparency of those 'kat' and 
> 'kamt’u' hats in the linked photo ("Percival Lowell and Korean Group"). 
> Can anyone comment on that -- social status, etc., in relation to color 
> and transparency?
> Best,
> Frank
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>> While we're on the topic of Percival Lowell... here is a wonderful 
>> photo of him taken by Asa M. Mattice, an officer on the USS Juniata, 
>> which toured East Asia in 
> 1883-1885:https://cross-currents.berkeley.edu/e-journal/photo-essay/499?page=5
>> This image is part of a remarkable collection of glass negatives 
>> owned by U.S. photographer John Dowling, who curated this 
>> Cross-Currents photo essay about the voyage of the Juniata. Read 
>> Dowling's curator's statement here.
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