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Dear All:

This is a HOW-TO for fixing the "Batang/바탕" font in MS Word that 
comes in under Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) when receiving files from 
Windows users (typically occuring when working in a group or with an 
editor or copy-editor). You will only see this happening under the new 
OS; it was not a problem under Mac OS Yosemite (10.10) and earlier. So 
I changed the subject line, as you might want to go back here if and 
when it becomes and issue for you.

P r o b l e m :
Only applies to MS Word 2011 or 2016 under the new Mac OS X El Capitan 
(Sept. 2015); problem arises when exchanging MS Word files between any 
Mac OS and any Windows systems that use the CJK font "Batang/바탕." 
When the Mac user receives such an MS Word file from a Windows PC, the 
font name has changed from the Han'gŭl "바탕" to Latin "Batang" and 
(other than in earlier Mac OS versions) is not recognized anymore, 
resulting is serious kerning problems (Hanmun characters are 

A v o i d i n g  the problem all together :
Best seems to use from now on Google and Abode's Noto fonts instead of 
Batang (on both, Windows and Mac systems):
I suggest using the "All-in-one CJK super OTC font" (easiest to 

E x p l a n a t i o n s: Each Mac 'resource' (say a keyboard driver or 
a font) has an ID number. However, it seems MS Word and other word 
processors use the actual names for fonts. That is were -- at least 
this is my (limited) understanding here -- the problem with Batang 
comes in. On a Mac, the font displays as "바탕" in the font menu, but 
under Windows this seems to be "Batang" (in Latin letters). At least, 
when a Mac user receives a MS Word file from a Windows PC, then that 
font will now show as "Batang" -- which was no problem until OS X 10.10 
but now is. The easiest solution WOULD BE to use MS Word itself to 
change the font name back to "바탕." But that does not work (you can 
try in MS Word ==> "Find" ==> Advanced Find and Replace), because your 
MS Word file, *if* it was originally your own file (created using the "
바탕" naming), now shows the following entries in its code:
   <w:font w:name="Batang"><w:altName w:val="바탕"/>
If you know HTML code, which is very similar, you know this means the 
actual DISPLAY NAME is "Batang" while the FONT NAME (= value) is "바탕
." That's the issue, as it should be the other way around -- or both 
should be "바탕." When you create a NEW MS Word file and enter some 
term/s in "바탕" (on your Mac) that same .xml entry will look like this:
   </w:font><w:font w:name="바탕">
Your Mac knows "바탕" but does not know "Batang" -- that is the issue. 
So, to fix this, we can either change entry to the above one or replace 
all the "Batang" entries to "바탕." Replaing "Batang" to "바탕" is the 
easier task, so we will do that.

F i x i n g  Batang the Problem :
If you just have a short text or a few terms in Batang/바탕, simply 
highlight these words and re-select the 바탕 font in the font menu. For 
long texts, you might consider to follow the below solution.

Disclaimer: ONLY use *COPIES* of your texts when trying the below 
method. Keep the originals for a while, until you are absolutely sure 
there are no problems. I do bear no responsibility for any possibly 
damage to your texts (therefore, use copies).

- Use BBEdit 11.1.3 (or later!) for this fix. If you do not already 
have this program, download the 30-day trial version, which is fully 
- Make a COPY (!!!) of the MS Word files you want to fix -- or a copy 
of the entire folder, and CLEARLY mark it as a COPY.
- Open the BBEdit program.
- Within BBEdit, use "Open" to open the MS Word text (copy) you want to 
fix. (YES, open the .docx file with the BBEdit program.)
- You will see something looking similar to the below IMAGE -- do not 
worry if some .xml files or folders you see here are missing in your 
display; e.g. the "media" folder only appears if you have images in 
that document.
- no open all of the .xml files that appear within the "word" 
sub-folder and (in BBEdit) go to "Search" ==> "Find..." and do a 
"Replace All" (in each .xml file) of the term "Batang" with the Han'gŭl 
version of the name, "바탕" (see image below). Save the entire document 
after each such replacement. (Make sure to save the entire document and 
NOT to save just the .xml resource as a single file -- which BBEdit 
might offer as an option.) Note that not all of the .xml files include 
font information.

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Thus far. This worked for me.


Frank Hoffmann

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