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In the manuscript I am translating, King Chŏngjo 正祖is mentioned several times, but never under his name. He is referred to by the name of his grave, kŏllŭng 健陵, sometimes followed by the characters of the year he did s.th. Was this one of many ways to refer to someone who died 50 years ago? Or does it have to do with the fact, that the author of the manuscript, Hong Sŏk-mo was a pretty close relative of King Chŏngjo? The author was an 18th generation descendent in the P’ungsan Hong family 豊山洪氏, and Queen Hŏn’gyŏng 獻敬王后 (Lady Hyegyŏng 恵慶), the mother of King Chŏngjo, was a 17th generation descendent, and both belonged to the Ch’uman’gong 秋巒公 branch of the Hong family (Ch’uman’gong was 12th generation).

I hope this was not a stupid question, but until now I have never come across s.th. similar in Korean culture

Thanks for any answers,
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