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Korean Studies - Film

Frank Hoffmann
Frank Hoffmann earned his M.A. in Art History and Korean Studies at Tübingen University, Germany. He continued his research on modern Korean art and intellectual history—especially colonial Korean art—at Harvard University and taught among other institutions at IIC in San Francisco, Ewha Womans University in Seoul, and Hamburg University. In his earlier years he studied German literature and also wrote himself: essays, essential parts of the script for an experimental Rock opera (with Václav Havel and others), and poetry. His Korea website, for many years at Harvard and now to be found at https://koreanstudies.com, has since 1993 served as one of the most widely used gateways to Korean Studies on the Internet. This site hosts the academic Korean Studies Discussion List (for which he served as moderator and co-owner from 2000 to 2006). Frank is also the compiler of The Harvard Korean Studies Bibliography (Asia Center, Harvard UP, 2000) on CD-ROM. He has published extensively on modern Korean history and art in specialized journals such as Hefte für ostasiatische Literatur, Korea Journal, Korean Studies, as well as in acclaimed popular magazines, including Art in America, The Harvard Asia Pacific Review, Wŏlgan misul, and Wŏlgan chosŏn. He also curated Korean art shows and has amassed a significant private North Korean painting collection, some of which were on display at the Kwangju Biennale 2000; a related book chapter on North Korean Chosŏnhwa was published in 2011. His book about Korean intellectuals and professionals in the Wilhelmine, Weimar, and Nazi-era German capital, Berlin Koreans and Pictured Koreans, appeared in late 2015. His co-edited volume Witness to Korea 1945–47: The Unfolding of an Authoritarian Regime will come out in early 2022. Frank's main areas of interest are colonial period Korean history and art, modernity and modernism, contemporary art, and cultural shifts and technology. Other interests include database programming, Linux system administration, and more recently developments of telecommunications and networking systems. Presently he lives in Berkeley, California.