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This request just came to me from a colleague at Towson University.  Would anyone out there 
have some kind words of advice for him?

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Subject: inquiry about possible publication of a Korean book
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Dear Professor Ramsey:

I am writing to seek some advice about possible publication of a Korean book,

My daughter, Ann, a senior in a preparatory school in Baltimore, read a Korean book, 
and she was so impressed.  She thus decided to translate the book in English so that
American children can share the story.  She actually obtained the permission
to translate from the author and the publisher, and she translated it.  She now wants to
publish the translation, and I wonder if you could know possible publishers specializing
in Korean culture and willing to condider publication of the translation. 

The book is about a true story between a teenage North Korean soldier
and a young South Korean soldier who met each other while they patrolled 
the border between the divided Koreas (known as DMZ), perhaps the most 
heavily militarized border in the world.  The story illustrates, in a poignant and 
uplifting manner, the pain of a divided Korea, and the hatred of war and the love of peace among
young people. This book may be read by children 10-15 years old.

I would greatly appreciate your response.


Kangoh Lee
Towson University, Maryland
phone:(410)704-3551 (office)
	(410)561-1206 (home)

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Robert Ramsey
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