[KS] Revised Romanization [system ]of Korean and U.S. university presses

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Dear Gene: 

My understanding is the RR is accepted as is McCune-Reischauer....it's more up to the author.  More importantly, it's up to the author to monitor the use and consistency of any system used.  The Presses just don't know how to nor can they sometimes recognize or care about sloppy, unsystematic, idiosyncratic, made-up usage.  

Mike R.

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Dear all,

By no means advocating a particular romanization system, I would like to know whether American university presses now publish books on Korea using the Revised Romanization system rather than the McCune-Reischauer system. About ten years ago, an American colleague of mine attempted in vain to submit a manuscript using RR, but I wonder if things have changed since then. I would like to have an idea as I'm getting started with a new book project.

I look forward to your input, and thank you in advance!


Eugene Y. Park
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